I believe we are brought forth into this amazing world to “unmistakably” create ( like God ) in bold, fresh ways . . . or hadn’t you noticed?

I am convinced that force and action are galvanized by an inner chemistry ( or physics F=MA ) that comes straight from God. But how God “chooses to use me” during the course of my brief lifetime --- is sometimes none of my business! Good pleases and teases ( me ) as He does . . . and even my concept of a loving, Higher Power must allow for all kinds of mischief and tragedy to occur! When I resist God’s creative forces --- they seem to persist anyway. And am I better off flowing in God’s life-stream, rather than drowning in His currents? I am certain that if God wanted me to live in deep, troubled waters all the time, he would have made me a better fish! Breath deep . . . and swim away.